Pam Fulton is the owner and talent of Picture Perfect Windows. She has been in interior design creating amazing window treatments for over twenty years. She started her own business with her husband David in 1994 working with several top interior designers in the upstate.

The business thrived through word of mouth with her quality of work making a name for itself. After several years serving the upstate and locations on the east coast, she quickly became a top choice for designers even being requested by several clients by name. Her eye for detail and her drive for perfection has made her work desired and used in several upstate showhouses.

David Fulton is a co-owner of Picture Perfect Windows and head of the installation department. When not designing systems for hanging elaborate window treatments, he also helps in the shop to meet deadlines. David has learned over the years several techniques for hanging window treatments and making sure your investment hangs perfectly in your home.

David is a great addition to the Picture Perfect Windows team. He takes creative ideas and makes them reality by solving some of the most intricate problems presented by custom designs. No matter the size or the level of difficulty, the team at Picture Perfect Windows tackles any challenge while ensuring your investment is as unique as you are!